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Sheidim - Infamata LP / CD


Image of Sheidim - Infamata LP / CD

SHEIDIM are back with a new EP, “Infamata”, a worthy successor to their 2016's full-length debut on Dark Descent Records, ”Shrines Of The Void”.

In a little more than 27 minutes, SHEIDIM sink their sharp teeth into the black metal matter, exalting its implicit violence as well as its dark and majestic aura. They masterfully shift from destructive accelerations to lugubrious slowdowns within the same song, combining black metal with a death metal frenzy in a lethal yet elegant formula that gives evidence of their untamable nature and grants to their music an unbearable tension.

Shipping for the CD version is 5€ in Europe and 7€ ROW. Vinyl is 8€ in Europe and 11€ ROW. Postage gets calculated for the vinyl version so orders for the CD version will be partly refunded via paypal after the payment.